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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

What is a Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The laparoscopic gastric sleeve, also known as laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a minimally invasive surgery performed through four or five small incisions using a tool called a laparoscope.

The laparoscope is like a telescope that allows the bariatric surgeon to see clearly during surgery without the need for large incisions.

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure in which a portion of the stomach is surgically removed.

The procedure is performed on obese and morbidly obese patients to cause weight loss and resolve or improve overall health with respect to obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and hypertension.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mombasa, Kenya

Whole Patient Approach

Are you suffering from obesity, or would just like more information? Please make an appointment to see our physician right away for a thorough consultation, evaluation, and examination by a physician for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve is one of several advanced and minimally invasive bariatric surgeries offered in our institution after many years of experience working with patients who wish to lose weight and get rid of diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

At KLASS, our practitioners are well-versed in weight management. Schedule a consultation with our top-rated bariatric surgeon in Kenya, Dr. Yusuf Palkhi to learn more and get the care, treatment, and support you deserve.

At KLASS, our top-rated general and bariatric surgeon – Dr. Yusuf Palkhi is well-versed in weight loss procedures and control.

Schedule a consultation with our top-rated bariatric surgeon in Kenya to learn more and get the care, treatment, and support you deserve.

What happens during a gastric sleeve procedure?

Laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery is a restrictive procedure that reduces the size of the stomach but does not alter the gastrointestinal tract.

It is named ‘a sleeve gastrectomy’ because of the sleeve that is formed by surgically stapling the edges of the stomach.

The stomach size can be reduced to as little as 15% of the original size. The small size is achieved by dividing the stomach on its vertical axis and preparing a small, long pouch.

As a result of this surgery, a person feels fuller upon eating a relatively small amount, thus eliminating your desire to eat as much or as often.

Body metabolism is altered and the craving for food is reduced.

What are the advantages of gastric sleeve surgery?

  • Gastric sleeve surgery decreases the chances of complications like vitamin deficiencies that occur with gastric bypass surgery because we do not change the gastrointestinal tract.
  • It reduces the volume of your stomach, thus making you feel full more quickly. The section of your stomach that is responsible for producing the hormone Ghrelin is also taken out. This hormone stimulates feelings of hunger, so after the procedure, you can be confident that your hunger levels and thus your food intake will decrease.
  • Your stomach will continue to function normally, you can still eat most of your favorite foods with no worries about suffering from dumping syndrome, which is characterized by abdominal discomfort and other related symptoms.
  • There are no devices put into your body, so there is nothing that may break or erode as there can be with the gastric band surgery.

However, any form of gastric surgery carries risks, but we do these operations because when the patients are chosen carefully and the surgeons are as experienced as the ones at KLASS the benefits outweigh the risks.

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Recovery from gastric sleeve surgery

Recovery time from all of our bariatric surgery procedures is faster than you might think. The surgery requires just one night in the hospital in most cases, and you can go home the next day.

There are fewer potential complications as well, since the gastrointestinal tract is not altered.

Most surgeries generally result in some bruising and soreness. All of these symptoms are usually minimal and gradually subside within a few days due to the tiny incisions (minimally invasive approach) used to perform the operation.

We prescribe pain medication for you so that you can recover with minimal discomfort.

Everyone heals at a different rate, depending on your general health, you will be ready to go back to work within one to three weeks.

Our top-rated bariatric surgeon in Kenya, Dr. Yusuf Palkhi will also give you all the information you need, and will then follow up with you to make sure your nutritional status is optimized.

Your Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy at KLASS

Innovative Health Care

Dr. Yusuf Palkhi was one of the first surgeons in Mombasa to introduce minimally invasive surgical procedures in Mombasa town to help individuals who were in need of laparoscopic general surgical procedures.

He is committed to improving the lifestyles of individuals residing in Mombasa to help them take back control of their lives without the need to travel far for such procedures.

Together with his expert surgical team in Mombasa, Kenya they provide the highest level of holistic surgical care to individuals, ensuring that they meet their individual health needs.

He is keen on ensuring that majority of people have access to expert, world-class care and expertise that is both affordable and accommodating to their needs and life goals.

Dr. Yusuf Palkhi, a laparoscopic surgeon in Mombasa, Kenya specializes in helping individuals who ail from the appendix, gallbladder, reflux, hernia repairs, colon, pancreas, spleen, and emergency abdominal surgeries.

He is also very passionate about helping individuals regain control of their lives through bariatric weight loss procedures.

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