Uterine fibroids, which are benign muscular tumors that grow in the womb, are extremely common in women of reproductive age. Fibroids can display themselves as single tumors or multiple can grow. Depending on the type, size, and number of fibroids you have, they could affect your pregnancy.

Fibroid Treatment While Pregnant

Especially if your fibroids are symptomatic, your physician may recommend that you have them removed before considering a pregnancy. Even though most fibroids are nothing to be concerned about, uterine fibroids during pregnancy can cause minor complications:

  • Fibroids can cause pain during your pregnancy
  • You may have an increased risk of miscarriage
  • The likelihood of preterm labor is higher
  • Placental abruptions can occur

It is important to talk with your obgyn and Dr. Handley to determine the best fibroid treatment option if you are planning a pregnancy. Different types of fibroids can affect a pregnancy differently – learn more about the difference between subserosal, intramural, submucosal, and pedunculated fibroids.

There is not currently conclusive data about the ability to conceive and have a safe pregnancy after a uterine fibroid embolization procedure. If you are interested in uterine fibroid embolization, Dr. Handley recommends that you wait until you do not wish to become pregnant again or preserve your future fertility. Learn more about UFE and Fertility here.

UFE as an Alternative to a Hysterectomy

Although we do not recommend undergoing uterine artery embolization if you are planning a pregnancy, there are many other benefits to UFE if you do not wish to become pregnant. In additional to relieving symptoms of fibroids, including heavy periods, urinary dysfunction, and pelvic pain, other benefits to UFE include:

  • Preservation of your uterus, which prevents an early onset of menopause
  • It is a non-surgical procedure
  • There is typically less blood loss
  • You’ll have shorter hospital stay*

Contact KLASS to learn more about uterine fibroid embolization and find out if you are a good candidate for this less invasive procedure.

*Individual results may vary.

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