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Is there a Cure for Infertility? | Kenya Laparoscopic Surgery Services

According to the CDC, about one in five women have trouble getting pregnant after one year of trying.1 Although this statistic is alarmingly high, there are numerous fertility treatment options for women experiencing infertility. Fertility treatment varies from person to person depending on the cause of infertility, age, and other medical issues. So while there may not be an overarching cure for infertility, there are definitely ways to combat it.

Some common causes of infertility include polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fallopian tube obstruction, primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, and menopause. Most fertility treatments are more likely to help women suffering from infertility due to ovulation issues. Infertility due to issues with fallopian tubes or severe endometriosis are more difficult to treat. However, in vitro fertilization is a possible treatment option for women with these conditions.

Some of the best infertility treatments today include:

  • Medication
    Hormonal issues are the leading cause of infertility, but luckily there are medications that can treat these imbalances. Medication is often the first step of fertility treatment where doctors likely prescribe clomiphene, letrozole, gonadotropins, bromocriptine, or cabergoline, depending on the imbalance hormone.
  • Surgical Intervention
    Surgical intervention is usually indicated in patients with fallopian tube obstruction, calling for the removal of blockage and repair of the fallopian tubes. This type of surgery can be difficult and doesn’t always have a high success rate. Alternatively, surgery on women with endometriosis has been found to double the chance of pregnancy.
  • In vitro fertilization
    This revolutionary procedure involves the fertilization of an egg with a sperm in a laboratory and then the insertion of the fertilized egg into the woman’s uterus. In vitro fertilization can help women for which other fertility treatments have failed. This process has a success rate of 55% on the first attempt for women aged 35 or younger2, making it one of the most promising fertility treatments.

So while infertility cannot officially be “cured,” it can be effectively managed with the variety of treatment options available. If you or your loved one are suffering from fertility problems, contact Dr. Rafique Parkar for a consultation to learn about your treatment options today!

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